RW, SGC Maullenium Luke Mauwalker

Luke Is A Cat Fancy Centerfold!

It was May 2009. I opened up the latest Cat Fancy, one of my favorite cat magazines. This issue especially caught my interest as it included an article titled "Friends of Pharaohs" featuring the Egyptian Mau breed....

What an unexpected surprise I received when I started eagerly to read the article... and... as I turned the page... there... was a photo of a stunning cat... that I recognized!

It was my Maullenium's Luke Mauwalker strutting across the centerfold!

What an honor. And so unexpected. How had this happened I wondered?

Helmi Flick is a talented photographer who has often taken wonderful professional images of the Maullenium crew. Unbeknownst to me, Helmi, had submitted some of her favorite Mau photos to the cat magazine for this special issue.

Out of hundreds of images sent to Cat Fancy by many different photographers, Luke's photo was chosen for the prestigious two page layout in the middle of the magazine. I always knew my boy was a star!

Maullenium's Luke Mauwalker as he appears in his Cat Fancy centerfold!

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